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DISCLAIMER:  the information provided below is based upon the information that we have available to us, Target World, Inc for PA residents.  It is not meant to replace or be a substitute for that of any Law Enforcement (Federal or Local), or Legal Advice.

Are suppressors legal to own?

Yes, suppressors are perfectly legal to own.

What is the background check like to purchase an NFA device?

If you can pass the background check to purchase a firearm over the counter then you will pass the check to own an NFA device.

What is an NFA device?

NFA devices are a series of firearms and devices commonly referred to as Class III but actually fit under title II of the NFA. Items such as suppressors, SBRs, SBSs, DDs, and AOWs are all NFA devices. Firearms you buy over the counter (normal pistols, Shotguns with a barrel length over 18”, Rifles with a barrel length over 16”, etc.) are classified under title I of the NFA.

What is the process like to apply for a suppressor?

There are 2 ways to purchase a suppressor; individual and trust.

The process to purchase a suppressor over the counter is quite different than purchasing a firearm. If you apply for a suppressor as an individual you must fill out an ATF Form 4 in triplicate, get fingerprinted on 2 sets of FD-258 fingerprint cards which then need to be completely filled out, get 2 passport sized photos of yourself, and include an $200 check made out to the ATF with most of the mentioned items above. You will send the $200 check, 2 copies of the ATF Form 4 (with the passport photos attached to it), and the 2 sets of fingerprint cards to the ATF.

To file as a trust you must have a trust made out with you and everyone else you want to have access to the NFA items as trustees. You will fill out all of the above but you also need to include 2 copies of an ATF responsible person questionnaire for all of the trustees in your trust. Each trustee will also have to get fingerprinted on 2 sets of FD-258 fingerprint cards and get 2 passport sized photos taken. You will include all these forms in the envelope you send to the ATF.

What are the differences between individual and trust?

Trust allows you to give multiple people access to trust property (suppressors, SBRs, SBSs, machine guns, DDs). If you file for an NFA item as an individual that approved individual and only that individual can possess that item or any NFA trust property. If you file as a trust, NFA items will still have to remain at the premises for which the stamp was applied for however and trustees can remove those items from the premises for use. Items in either situation need to be returned to the premises after use.

Trusts also provide you with a place to put all of your NFA items and normal firearms so that they’re legally secured in the event that the owner dies.

How long is the wait?

Wait times vary depending on a lot of factors including politics, volume of applicants, and how many employees the ATF has working on applications. Average wait times are usually 8-9 months for a Form 4 but times are not set and fluctuate regularly.

Am I able to use the suppressor prior to receiving the ATF tax stamp?

Yes, limited use – the suppressor is your property.  The limitation is that you will be able to shoot using the suppressor down on the range, however you are not permitted to take the suppressor off premises until final ATF review and approval.  NOTE: This is a Target World, Inc. policy.

What kind of fees are associated with the purchase of an NFA item?

There is an $200 tax which is paid directly to the ATF. You also may have to have passport photos taken of yourself. The only other cost is the cost of mailing the packet into the ATF.

Can the authorities come into your house with no warrant if I have a title 2 firearm?

No, they still need a warrant. They can’t just randomly come by and inspect your premises.

So how do I purchase a suppressor with Target World INC?

The first step to purchasing a suppressor with us is to come into the store and make a selection based on what kind of firearm your trying to suppress (either rifle, pistol, shotgun), what kind of purpose you want the suppressor for (either home defense, target shooting, hunting, or any other multitude of reasons), and recommendations from research you’ve done or from our staff.

Once you’ve decided on which suppressor(s) you want to purchase We will take a 50% non-refundable deposit on the items you want. If they need to be ordered we will order the items for you.

If the item you want is already in stock, or when it arrives in stock we will then provide you with all of the paperwork required to start the application process. You will need to provide 2 passport photos and the $200 check made out to the ATF. From there we will give you further instructions.

ATF terms and definitions:

NFA = National Firearms Act of 1934

ATF = Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives

SBR = Short Barreled Rifle (Rifle with a barrel length under 16”)

SBS = Short Barreled Shotgun (Shotgun with a barrel length under 18”)

DD = Destructive Device (any firearm with a bore diameter over .50 excluding most shotguns and some explosives)

AOW = Any Other Weapon (“any weapon or device capable of being concealed on the person from which a shot can be discharged through the energy of an explosive, other than a handgun with a rifled barrel.” The term is a catchall definition that is relatively difficult to put firm boundaries on)

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