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  • Upon entering Target World Inc. please check-in at the counter
  • Fill out all required paperwork prior to using range
  • If it’s your first time at Target World Inc. you must fill out a one-time insurance form (about 15 minutes)
  • Use permitted firearms and ammunition ONLY (no steel ammo, bird or buckshot, .or tracer rounds). Please note: before entering the range, we unload all mags to prevent incendiary or tracers on our range.
  • Obey all directives from the Rangemasters

Age Requirements

  • All shooters must be 21 years or older to use the range individually. Any shooters 12-20 years old may shoot under the constant supervision of their legal parent or guardian in the same lane

Rules for New Shooters

  • Shooters new to Target World will need to complete a Firearm Experience and Range Safety Questionnaire. This takes about 15 minutes and there is a one-time fee of $10.
  • Due to a large increase in the volume of first-time firearms owners, all shooters at Target World must have recent, relevant shooting experience or formal training in order to use the range.
  • We are excited to welcome new shooters into the firearms community, but to ensure the safety of all patrons, access to the range is at the discretion of a Range Safety Officer.
  • For persons with no firearm experience, we recommend our beginner handgun or rifle classes to get acquainted with safety and fundamentals! 

Safety Gear

  • Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times while inside the range

Firearms Handling

  • DO NOT handle guns unless you are at the firing line (inside the booth in front of red line)
  • Always treat every gun as a loaded gun
  • ALWAYS keep the muzzle pointed downrange at all times
  • Never point a gun at something you do not want to shoot
  • When renting a gun (minimum age 21), do not remove it from the basket until you’re in your lane at the firing line. When done, place back in the basket with chamber flag in the gun at firing line
  • If you have a problem with a gun at the firing line, place it down on booth tray in your lane, pointed downrange, and come see a Rangemaster
  • Do Not shoot above or below the orange lines: hang target between orange lines so that your bullet path will enter the trap between the orange lines (any range damage will be subject to additional fees)
  • Place one target at a time on the cardboard
  • NO rapid-firing or holster drawing unless you’ve had a level three lesson or have been approved by an RSO.
  • Please read our FAQ regarding Medical Marijuana and using our shooting range.

Clean Up

  • Clean up your brass after you’re done, however, DO NOT cross the yellow line – you may either pick up and remove your brass, or use the squeegee to sweep it beyond the yellow line (downrange)
  • Remove all empty boxes and used targets from your booth/cardboard and place it in the wastebasket

Check Out

  • Upon completion of your range time please check out at the counter

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