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529 W. Butler Ave., Chalfont, PA 18914

Learn to function firearm using Simunition, mimics the function and recoil of a firearm within a safe and controlled classroom environment.

Training Outline:
  1. Explain and define what a pistol is and how it functions
  2. Describe types of pistols (revolvers, semi-auto, etc…)
  3. Explain how a round of ammunition fires
  4. Demonstrate dominate eye test
  5. Demonstrate Grip, Site Picture, Trigger Press and Follow-thru
  6. Explain ammunition choice and safety (+P+, etc…)
  7. Demonstrate and have students load a magazine
  8. Demonstrate proper loading technique
  9. Demonstrate proper unloading technique
  10. Utilizing dummy rounds – student will load a magazine, insert in magwell, and dry fire several time
  11. Simunition Firing….One-on-one, the instructor will have the student load a magazine with 4 rounds.  The student will charge and load the pistol in the manner they were instructed, acquire a proper site picture and fire the pistol.  Students will cycle through until instructor is comfortable with the students’ performance.
Class size is limited to 8 clients. 2 hour class. Cost:$100 – ammo included in class fee.
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