Lisa M. Weisman Firearms Instructor

Lisa is an NRA Certified Training Counselor in the Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection in the Home, Pistol, Refuse to be a Victim, Rifle, Shotgun, and Chief Range Safety Officer disciplines.

I really enjoy working with students to help them feel more comfortable with firearms.  I particularly enjoy working with women to empower them when it comes to their firearms and being able to protect themselves.  As a female instructor, I like to focus on familiarization with the firearm and holster draw techniques as women have different issues concerning holster draw and carrying techniques than men.

Offers Private / Personalized Lessons in:

  • Pistol / Rifle / Shotgun
  • Women’s Only Classes


  • $100 per hr for an individual
  • $150 per hr for 2 individuals
  • stay tuned for NRA Instructor Certification class prices – Home Firearm Safety * Range Safety Officer* Pistol * Rifle * Shotgun * Personal Protection in the Home in addition to regular NRA Classes such as Basic Pistol, First Step Rifle, and Eddie Eagle

Lessons include use of one of our Target World rental guns, ear, and eye protection.  Ammo is not included.

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