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529 W. Butler Ave., Chalfont, PA 18914

John Pritz is a Target World Sales Associate and Range Safety Officer. He’s had a lifelong attraction to edged tools from knives of all kinds to axes, hatchets, cleavers, kitchen tools, chisels, carving tools, hawks, and spears.

“From when I was young and starting out with knives, say in Cub Scouts, I always did pretty good when sharpening them, but you reach a point in your adult life where ‘pretty good’ isn’t good enough! In 2003, I purchased a Marbles Plainsman hunting knife and quickly noticed that there was no secondary bevel at the edge of the blade… and it was crazy sharp! That was the beginning of my convex sharpening journey.”

Our workshops will showcase instruction and demonstrations of convex sharpening using a variety of equipment from simple leather hones and strops to belt sanders and portable electric sharpening devices. We’ll review the more common beveled edge sharpening practices and equipment used in that process too. We will facilitate a general discussion on knife maintenance, steels and steel selection as well as handle materials and sheaths. We will not do any deep dives on metallurgy nor will we debate at length the relative performance of the various super steels! It’s “Knives 101” for everyman!

Each participant in the class will receive a leather hone loaded with green compound and some wet-or-dry sandpaper to use in practicing the convex technique. An additional 5% discount will be extended to participants on knives and knife accessories on the day of the workshop.

Bring a knife or two and a friend for a laid-back day of all things sharp!

Look here for our class postings, or here to request more information!


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