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The purpose of this post is to walk PA CCW holders through the steps that I followed to get a FL Non-Resident CCW Permit – there may be better ways to do it, this is just my diary of the path that I started down on 4/17/2016:

1) Complete Prequalification Online Questionnaire – save the transaction it, you will need that
when submitted application:

NOTE: You need to have completed a hunter safety course in PA and currently hold a PA CCW

NOTE: the transaction is good for 20 days, will need to restart process if app not mailed in within 20 of receiving the transaction id

2) Submit request for a finger print card – you when get it you can take to local police department
or some UPS store (Cogent Fingerprint services)

3) Download and Complete the forms – you will be provided the proper link for the application to be downloaded after you have completed Step 1.  IMPORTANT:  The application is bar coded with your unique tracking number, you need to submit with that application form.  You will need a notary seal on the application.

4) Get passport photos – Costco and Walmart offer these services for about $5

5) Write a check and mail together with all of above:

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Division of Licensing
P.O. Box 6687
Tallahassee, FL 32314-6687

(850) 245-5495

6)  All costs amounted to: $167 ($112 application + $25 finger printing + $25 notary seal on application + $5 passport pics)

7) Track your application: 

Other Links:

– PA Hunter Safety On-Line Class:

– Eligibility Requirements:

– Application Instructions:

– Resiprocity States:

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