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Jason Wolfe

I have worked for over three years as a Range Safety Officer at Target World. Over this time, I have witnessed many people with little or no experience quickly evolve into capable shooters as a result of training with Target World instructors and practicing regularly to reinforce the fundamentals. Seeing this process firsthand inspired me to become a certified instructor so that I can continue to learn and share the rewards of training with others.

My goal as an instructor is to instill safety, competency and confidence in all students so that they will be effective in using firearms as a tool – whether recreationally or for self-protection.


  • NRA Certified Instructor
  • Range Safety Officer
  • United States Marine Corps small arms training
  • Trained with local law enforcement
  • Attended Gunfighter Pistol and Carbine course


  • $99 per hr for an individual
  • $149 per hr for 2 individuals

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