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Diego CivelloMy goal as a Teacher/ Instructor whether I am presenting to police officers, students, or civilians, I always try to make my classes not only informative, but extremely fun and engaging. “Participants learn from their Teacher/Instructor, as well as the Teacher/Instructor learns from their Participants”.


  • Retired Police Officer /Chief Sheriff Deputy
  • Former Director Temple University Municipal Police Academy
  • Retired Criminal Justice Teacher Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center
  • NRA/Pennsylvania State Police Firearms Instructor
  • Master Instructor Tactics/Techniques of Handcuffing
  • Instructor Trainer/ Safariland Monadock Expandable Baton
  • Instructor Trainer/ Safariland Monadock Defensive Tactics System
  • Master Instructor Aerosol Weapons
  • Instructor (PPCT) Spontaneous Knife Defense
  • Instructor Taser International
  • PA Department of Education Driver Training School Teacher
  • Instructor Trainer Flying Armed
  • “Cat Eyes” (PCCD) Terrorism Instructor
  • ALICE Instructor (Active Shooter) Schools, Businesses, Churches, etc.
  • Developed Country-Wide Gun Safety Program for County Residents in Montgomery County
  • 1988 AAU Mr. World Bodybuilding Champion
  • Attended and graduated from Montgomery/Northampton Community College’s/ Temple University

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